Are you challenged by…

  • Disappointing sales and missed quotas?
  • Eroding market share?
  • Sales and marketing strategies that aren’t working?
  • Losing major sales to competitors
  • Blame and negativity in your team?
  • Training programs that failed to show results?
  • Training programs that bore your staff?
  • Trainers who don’t understand the healthcare or your product?
  • New product introductions that fail to meet customer or corporate expectations?
  • Time and resource consuming repetitive customer education activities?

RMI can help you and your organization overcome these challenges and achieve your goals. Since
1988, we have been instrumental in increasing the sales and marketing productivity of various
companies worldwide.

We welcome the opportunity to bring your organization to the next level of success.


What would happpen if you and your organization could…

  • Reduce the selling cycle and increase sales quickly?
  • Capture and hold major accounts?
  • Build a highly effective sales and marketing team?
  • Learn the specific skills and knowledge that drive success of your company?
  • Immediately apply new skills and knowledge on the job?

RMI can help you make it happen. By focusing on your goals and delivering superior products and services, we take accountability for improved productivity. RMI can help you turn your challenges into success stories.



What would be the impact on…

  • Your company’s success?
  • Your organization’s success?
  • Your success?

Our commitment isto you and your success. We welcome the opportunity to help you and your organization achieve increased productivity and success.



Why RMI?

Because we do not want to be just your supplier.

We want to be your partner in developing sales, marketing, communication and training solutions that make you successful.