Slika od Nedo Beširević

Nedo Beširević

Managing Director, RMI d.o.o. Resource Management International
Nedo has 23 years of experience in sales, marketing and management. He focuses his activities on providing sales and management teams in Central Europe with custom-made training and development solutions for teams to reach the next level of productivity in the fields of selling and management development. Nedo holds a Trainer and Course Facilitation License from Resource Management International Inc., USA.

Slika od Ciprian Damşescu

Ciprian Damşescu

MD MBA , Senior Consultant Romania
Ciprian is an experienced Sales & Marketing professional from Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Industry with additional entrepreneurial expertise, which can bring a valuable contribution to any organization that is focused on improving its activities and is embracing the change process towards the next level of performance in sales and leading teams and organizations. Ciprian graduated the Medical University in Bucharest, holds an Executive MBA degree from the Washington Business School and is a certified trainer by the Romanian education authorities.

Slika od Codin Coman

Codin Coman

MBA Eng, Senior Consultant, RMI Romania
Codin’s experience spans over 22 years of excellent results in the commercial and general management areas, especially in change and performance management. Having oordinated Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova, he has been able to lead champion-type teams by creating and motivating them through trainings, workshops and other development solutions. Codin holds an Executive MBA degree from the University of Washington Business School and is a Trainer certified by the Romanian education authorities.

Slika od Almir Flisar

Almir Flisar

MD, Senior Consultant & Executive Coach
With a background in medicine and vast experience within the fields of integrated communications and pharmaceutical/healthcare industry, Almir use the combination of knowledge and creativity to train people in the fields of leadership, sales, marketing, branding, communication, talent development and employee engagement. His fresh ideas on creativity, innovation, empathy, sustainability and brands are frequently presented at various conferences in the Adriatic Region as well as educational institutions and companies.

Slika od Gregor Bogataj

Gregor Bogataj

Senior Consultant
Business development manager focused in optimisation of processes, developing short and long term strategies, with the aim to growing business, generating significant revenue, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs. One of his main strengths lies in ability to enhance processes efficiency and increase overall levels of productivity and service by utilising a wealth of leadership expertise and understanding of how to maximise staff potential at all organisational levels.

Slika od Damir Beširević

Damir Beširević

Executive Director, Business Consultant MEFE&A
A highly successful business consultant with over 28 years of experience in general Management, business operation, sales and marketing, with record of achieving "big wins" for the business. Expertise in Business performance Management, employee training and retention, business and strategic planning, Operation and Brand Management, Budget and financial reporting, troubleshooting and solution development, leadership and team building, business organization restructuring. Entrepreneurial leadership with a flair for revenue generation and directing in training projects witch incise reputation and market share. Sustain business growth trough organisation restructuring innovative strategy and development training programs.

Slika od Danko Vasiljević

Danko Vasiljević

Executive Director
Danko is MD by education, with extensive experience in pharma business, particularly in marketing and sales. For last 25 years he worked in top international pharma corporations in Croatia and Adriatic region (Boehringer Ingelheim, Pharmacia Corporation, Pfizer, Novartis) on various positions starting as a medical/sales representative followed by several sales and marketing positions: Product Manager, Marketing and Sales Manager, BU/Franchise Head, Commercial Excellence Manager and General Manager. His strategic thinking, sales and leadership skills helped Danko to become very much liked and people oriented “internal coach” and leader

Slika od Predrag Gušić

Predrag Gušić

MBA, MD (Senior Consultant/Coach South East Europe ME&A)
Predrag has progressive experience in operations/business management practice. He is an accomplished leader in the Healthcare industry with a proven track record of enabling organizational growth through operations/business initiatives. More than 20 years of credible history of developing teams, people and efficient interactions among them . During his working history he held Managing Director positions in local and in big multinational corporations (AstraZeneca, Stada , MSD....) with capabilities in maintaining positive and trust-based relations with colleagues, business partners, shareholders, and authorities. Predrag focus is on sales , management practice, leadership & business development.

Slika od Belma Hadžiomerović

Belma Hadžiomerović

Regional Director & Senior Coach
Belma is a highly accomplished professional boasting over two decades of experience in the international financial sector. Her extensive career reflects a forward-thinking approach that propels organizations toward sustained success. With a proven track record in leadership and strategic vision, Belma excels in brand development, sustainability management, ESG implementation in business, corporate communication management, crisis management, and 360-degree communication. Renowned for her ability to cultivate enduring relationships across diverse cultural landscapes, Belma facilitates robust partnerships and drives sustainable growth. Holding a Ph.D. in Business and Management, as well as an M.A. in Marketing Management, she exemplifies a commitment to excellence and expertise in her field.