The LDP 2 course provides participating business leaders with practical ideas on how to execute change within their organizations using actual current change initiatives they want to employ.

Participants are requested to bring to the session their specific real world change management issues for discussion of alternative approaches to insure execution that leads to desired productivity gains. Skills of inspiring individuals and teams, decision making, coaching, providing feedback, and counseling will be enhanced through practical exercises.

Ideal Participant Profile

Only business leaders who have successfully completed the LDP1 course should attend this course.


  • To reinforce the concepts explored in LDP1
  • To workshop with current change initiatives for open discussion and problem solving


Participants will have practiced applying the following skills of leading change to current real world initiatives:

Managing Change Strategically

  • Accelerating the process of change within their organizations using the fundamentals of LDP1
  • Communicating initiatives effectively
  • Inspiring shared goals and teamwork within organizations to accelerate change with OMMs
  • Projecting timelines, adjusting activities and influencing outcomes during: Letting Go, Experimentation,
  • Acquiring Habits and Productivity
  • Motivating execution and rewarding progress leading to productivity
  • Tracking progress and adjusting change initiatives
  • Case Study Workshop

Blended Learning Support

  • Facilitated Workshop
  • “Memory Jogger” Reminder Cards
  • Follow-up Conference Calls
  • Individual Coaching


We have proven that the best way to determine improvement of new skills and knowledge is to measure progress toward objectives at routine intervals. We recommend measurement tools that serve to reinforce and track progress to mastery during training and post-training as well. The goal of routinely measuring progress is to recognize continuous improvement with positive feedback to the learner as well as provide opportunities for immediate corrective feedback as necessary.