The LDP1 course provides participants with a practical perspective on how to lead change within their organizations so that desired productivity results are accelerated.

Ideal Participant Profile

The most qualified candidate is a person with leadership responsibilities at the second line manager level or above. Manager of Managers, Directors, Business Unit Managers, and Executives commonly attend.


To provide and exchange latest thinking and approaches to lead and accelerate change within organizations.


Participants will have recognized the need for and practiced the following:

Leading Change Strategically

  • Leading with a vision of the future
  • Identifying and prioritizing change initiatives
  • Inspiring people to practice continuous change
  • Identifying and developing talent
  • Planning to introduce initiatives with precise communications
  • Inspiring followers with a sense of purpose, urgency and benefit to change
  • Defining measurable benchmarks and creating tracking controls
  • Managing time and activities to support the execution of key initiatives
  • Appraising, Motivating, Coaching and Training Managers
  • Providing recognition and celebrating success

Blended Learning Support

  • Facilitated Workshop
  • “Memory Jogger” Reminder Cards
  • Follow-up Conference Calls
  • Individual Coaching


We have proven that the best way to determine improvement of new skills and knowledge is to measure progress toward objectives at routine intervals. We recommend measurement tools that serve to reinforce and track progress to mastery during training and post-training as well. The goal of routinely measuring progress is to recognize continuous improvement with positive feedback to the learner as well as provide opportunities for immediate corrective feedback as necessary.