Over the last several years, Non-Clinical and/or Economic buyers have been assuming a greater role in the process of capital equipment as well as consumable product purchase decision-making. This evolving financially and organizationally influenced buyer requires advanced level persuasive communication skills in order to enhance positive negotiating relationships and abilities to work together toward common benefit.

Relational Capital is the distinctive value created by between sellers and buyers in a business relationship. It results from the convergence of essential mutual qualities of credibility, integrity and authenticity. As a result of building Relational Capital® in the real world, executive level customers have been found to be more open to collaborate with sellers negotiating positions. In addition to a facilitated workshop, RMI also supports and expedites the execution of the skills, with individual and group coaching following each of the facilitated training workshops.

Our Negotiation series provides participants with a clear and practical pathway aimed at increasing business success with this evolving Non-Clinical customer.

This first segment of the Negotiation series, prepares participants for the preliminary and most important stage of the negotiation process:

  • Establishing commonality with and gaining knowledge of the Non-Clinical buyer’s goals, passions and struggles for which solutions of value can be proposed.
  • Creating valued solutions with Non-Clinical buyers as they are drawn up the Relationship Ladder® from Acquaintance to Respected Advisor.
  • Assessing the actual value and strength of targeted customer business relationships using RQ® Relational Quotient web based assessment tool. Use the RQ® tool to strategize and monitor relationship progress up the Relational Ladder*.
  • Gaining customer confidence that their decision to buy at your higher price are right due to their belief in the distinctive value that your relationship brings to them.
  • Developing relationships with targeted Non-Clinical Buyers to the highest category on the Relational Ladder* where advice is sought on issues and decisions outside of the original business reason that brought the seller and buyer together.

The second segment of the Negotiation Series will provide a worksheet driven (Negotiation Planning Tool) process whereby critical customer information can be captured, practical strategies developed, progress measured and adjustments made in a timely manner that will enhance negotiation success.

The Building Relationships With Non-Clinical And/Or Economic Buyers curriculum provides best practices of how to advance Non-Clinical buyer relationships while leveraging the credibility, integrity and authenticity that enables participant success in the clinical selling environment.

The strategies to advance Non-Clinical Relationships up the Relational Ladder® will be discussed and applied to real world situations.

The priority techniques and their unique application to selling the Non-Clinical buyer will be discussed and practiced in simulation during the Negotiation 1 Workshop.

Ideal Participant Profile

Field Sales Trainers and experienced reps that are regarded as having high potential for promotion into management within four to nine months. If you expect your Field Sales Trainers to be inspiring leaders in the near future, this is the course is for them.


We have proven that the best way to determine improvement of new skills and knowledge is to measure progress toward objectives at routine intervals.

The goal of routinely measuring progress is to recognize continuous improvement with positive feedback to the learner as well as provide opportunities for immediate corrective feedback as necessary.

During the course, we customize measurement tools to the needs expressed by the participants that will serve to reinforce and track progress to mastery during training and post-training as well.

Participants will be provided access to our proprietary RQ® Relational Quotient web based assessment tool that will allow them to set, track and adjust specific strategies to develop relationships with potential key economic buyers.
RMI will provide coaching conference call at set intervals to support progress and advise of corrective actions that will accelerate progress with developing relationships with key clients.