The SMDP5 course provides participants with opportunities to reinforce and practice strategic business management skills and processes required by managers to develop high performing field sales teams.

By the end of this fifth phase of the Management Development Series, the participants will be able to develop or refine performance improvement plans for all team members in order to prepare them to consistently meet higher sales expectations. Coaching, providing feedback, field visiting, and counseling skills will be enhanced through practical exercises. In addition, opportunities are provided for discussion of common issues and topics that are important to each of the participants.

Ideal Participant Profile

Experienced Sales Managers and other personnel responsible for directing/developing field sales representatives.


To prepare managers to effectively introduce and reinforce the Integrated Sales Process to their teams so that it drives their daily sales activity.


Participants will have demonstrated their capabilities with the following in simulation:

  • Introducing Reps to the Skills of Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Call Planning
  • Leading and Managing Change in Selling Habits
  • Coaching the Integrated Sales Process
  • Setting Pre-call Goals for Using the Integrated Sales Process
  • Tracking Results of Implementing the Integrated Sales Process

Blended Learning Support

  • Facilitated Workshop
  • Video Models
  • “Memory Jogger” Reminder Cards
  • Follow-up Conference Calls
  • On-demand Distance Learning
  • Individual Coaching


We have proven that the best way to determine improvement of new skills and knowledge is to measure progress toward objectives at routine intervals. We recommend measurement tools that serve to reinforce and track progress to mastery during training and post-training as well. The goal of routinely measuring progress is to recognize continuous improvement with positive feedback to the learner as well as provide opportunities for immediate corrective feedback as necessary.