This curriculum integrates RMI facilitated classroom training with mentor-led field application and development on the job. The course is designed to assess the capabilities of high potential management candidates for promotion and build upon their strengths in order to advance their preparation to assume management responsibilities in the future.

High potential management candidates are recommended to engage in the process. The initial step will be to assess their proficiency level versus client directed expectations for a field management position. A personal development plan is then created for each participant. Facilitator led classroom training focuses on the core skills required by future leader/managers while the participant’s manager follows a mentoring guide to apply, coach, measure and reinforce the skills in real world application.

This graphic illustrates the key topics of the core training and the interrelationship of the capabilities to be developed during the simulated classroom exercises and the practical application that the mentor provides in the real world while following a carefully designed mentoring curriculum.

Ideal Participant Profile

Field Sales Trainers and experienced reps that are regarded as having high potential for promotion into management within four to nine months. If you expect your Field Sales Trainers to be inspiring leaders in the near future, this is the course is for them.


We have proven that the best way to determine improvement of new skills and knowledge is to measure progress toward objectives at routine intervals.

The goal of routinely measuring progress is to recognize continuous improvement with positive feedback to the learner as well as provide opportunities for immediate corrective feedback as necessary.

During the course, we customize measurement tools to the needs expressed by managers and their Field Sales Trainers that will serve to reinforce and track progress to mastery during training and post-training as well. Managers are provided Mentoring Guides that suggest development activities based upon the needs of each participant. Competency tests and proficiency measurements are suggested.