Resource Management International, Inc. is a training and development company dedicated to maximizing the leadership, sales, negotiation and marketing productivity of the companies in various industries..

Since 1988, we have been creating custom training and development solutions for Leaders, Mid management, Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, Customer Service, Recruiting, and Internal Education Teams.

Enhance your competitive advantage! 

Participate in RMI-Facilitated Blended Learning approaches that develop:

  • Leaders who embrace change, inspire others and drive innovation!
  • Managers who motivate organizational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity!
  • Sales forces that consistently achieve stretch targets and expand market share,
    even under harsh economic conditions!


Your business objectives and development goals drive the design and development of our Sales Force Effectiveness projects.

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The following training and development solutions are customized for your specific business and needs, which then result in skill enhancement that leads to sustained business results.

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Team RMI

With a team of experienced professionals located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, we are best
known for providing and supporting focused and relevant training that immediately transfers to on-
the-job application

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Growing Client Through

Profitability, Maximizing Sales and Marketing Productivity

Enhance your competitive advantage!
Participate in RMI-Facilitated Blended Learning approaches.

Are you facing:

  • Lack of leadership?
  • Poor management skills?
  • Unclear direction?
  • Low motivation of employees?
  • Weak accountability?
  • Inadequate sales?
  • Trouble with opening?
  • Trouble with closing?
  • Too much service?
  • Resistance to change?

Why RMI?

RMI has over 20 years of proven success partnering with hundreds of organizations worldwide to develop state-ot-the-art leadership, sales, marketing, and training solutions.

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